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Copper is The Best Material For Weathervanes
Weathervanes are ornaments that usually rest on the highest part of a structure and are traditionally used for indicating which way the wind is blowing. Nowadays, weathervanes are more commonly used as ornaments and can add a more interesting and decorative appearance to a building. While weathervanes are usually found on the tops of barns and farmhouses, residential and commercial buildings are starting to adopt this unique approach to setting their space apart from others. Depending on the shape, a weathervane can make your structure look welcoming and wholesome, or elegant and classic.
As weathervanes are placed on the highest part of a building, it is important to pick a material that is strong, durable and resilient. This will prevent the chances of having to replace or repair the ornament, a task that can be troublesome and sometimes dangerous. Copper is, without a doubt, the most logical option. First of all, unlike other materials, copper will not rust or corrode. It is the most weather-resistant material out of all the other options, and clearly this is the most important quality in a weathervane. Your weathervane must be able to endure heavy snowfall and hail, rain, and intense heat. Beyond that, copper has a lifespan of up to 100 years. Therefore, it is the prime choice when selecting your weathervane material for both residential and large commercial buildings.
Beyond the practicality of using copper for your weathervane, it is important to consider the aesthetic value of the material. As we rarely rely on weathervanes nowadays for our weather updates, they clearly have more of a decorative value then a functional one. The benefit of using copper is that it provides an elegant and classic look. Copper starts off with a bronze coloring and slowly develops a beautiful blue-green patina. This is pleasing on the eyes and it brings a respectable look to your structure. Copper can be mended in a variety of forms and Copper Works Canada can provide you with a wider selection of weathervanes then anyone else in Toronto or the GTA. This allows you to really make your weathervane a unique expression of yourself, or of your company. Copper Works Canada can provide you with any shape of weathervane, from a dolphin, to a horse and carriage.
In addition, by using copper you can rest assured that you are being eco-friendly. Copper is a recyclable material and a sustainable resource. There are many benefits to using copper for your weathervane. Call Copper Works Canada at 905-831-6434.

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